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Experiment Failed?

So this didn’t take off like I thought it would. I never thought I’d get readers, but I definitely thought I might be able to stick with the commentary. I guess I am more of a reader and commenter than a developer of content.

You can find me as Emster26 on the occasional AV Club board and Emster on GoFugYourself. I’m also experimenting with another blog to chronicle a super extended quarter-life crisis; my quest for passion in life. Activity passion, not romantic passion – it might actually be readable/enjoyable for others.

I might revisit this at some point. Or cross-post. But for now, politics is kind of annoying me. I am reminiscing for the days when presidential elections were inspiring. And when media saw it as a virtuous pursuit to change the world. There’s more than scandal going on, and it can be interesting too.

That reminds me. Show Me a Hero starts on HBO this weekend. *fingers crossed*